Fan ductwork

Fan ductwork

One of our existing customers needed to increase the air flow through the building ductwork using an in-line booster fan.

The only space available to install the booster fan was on the floor above so the duct needed to split, routed to the upper floor where the fan would be installed, and returned to the lower floor to complete the loop.

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The Berry & Escott team carried out a site survey, created a 3D model of the existing site and duct, and then modelled several solutions to the problem. Working closely with the customers engineering team, the best solution was chosen in order to minimise cost, and maximise flow and access. The re-fit needed to happen quickly during a scheduled shut down and all materials needed to be lowered into the building through the roof. The new ductwork was fabricated off site in modular sections designed to minimise the installation time and also allow manoeuvrability of sections through a tight site.

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