Larinier Boards

Larinier Boards

Berry & Escott have manufactured another cute solution to the worldwide problem of barriers to upstream migrating fish.
This Super-Active Baffle passage system conforms to the strict proportions laid down by the original developer and recommended by The Environment Agency in its Fish Pass Manual.

The composite Larinier Board is a Hi-Tec solution that has several advantages:
* Offers superior construction utilising stainless steel baffles & H.D.P.E back boards.
* Baffles have been designed with hollow sections reducing material usage & thus environmental impact.
* Extremely robust & tested to withstand high debris & hydrodynamic loads.
* Economical solution with a short lead time.
* Can be quickly & easily installed

Where and how will I use them?
Larinier passes work by creating favourable flow conditions and are a proven solution for enabling migration of Salmon, Trout, Grayling & Coarse fish.
Juxtaposing multiple boards allows site specific configurations to be installed to maximise pass efficiency.
Applications for the Larinier board are: river weirs, technical structures & bespoke fish passes.

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