Lamprey Tiles

Lamprey Tiles

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Berry & Escott along with the Environment Agency have manufactured a new type of tile to  the worldwide problem of migrating Lamprey.

The Lamprey Tile is a Single Density Stud/Boss Substrate that has several advantages :

– The tiles are extremely robust and are manufactured from a high density co-polymer.

– Different colours can be accommodated (extra charge will result).

– Easy to fit only requiring 4 stainless steel fixings, which can also be provided.

– Product is relatively cheap and has a  short lead time.

– Can be arranged in a grid format or onto pull out boards.

Where and how will I use them ?

The applications for this format of pass will include most  traditional in-river weirs and structures as well as some technical weirs and bespoke fish passes.

The tiles can be installed at sites where bristle passes are being considered and in exposed sites where sediment and boulder transport would cause bristle passes to be damaged.

The tiles measure 505mm x 335mm x 75mm and can be arrayed in individual ‘strips’ or onto the pull out boards. There is no limit to the number that can be arranged across a weir or other structure and the protrusions are pattern-matched to maintain a regular protrusion density.

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