CNC Turning

With our extensive range of machines Berry & Escott can cope with both one off jobs and large production runs. Our capacity includes CNC fixed Turret & Rotary Turret Lathes; with up to 2000mm between centres and 100mm spindle bore.

We have invested in Doosan Puma Turn / Mill machines with Bar feed, which has brought us the following benefits: –

  • Improved Accuracy & Quality
  • Reduced production costs
  • Reduced lead times to the customer.

We undertake Turning in all materials including: Plastics, Composites, and most Metals including Exotics, Titanium, and Inconel.

CNC Milling

Our Milling machines include CNC Vertical Machining Centres & CNC Bedmills with the capacities specified below. We can program the machines : at the machine for simple components and offline via state of the art CAD Cam software for more complex shapes and surfaces.

We undertake Milling in all materials including: Plastics, Composites, and most metals including Exotics, Titanium, Inconel.

CNC Milling Capacity

SMX 4000 CNC Bed Mill X-1016 x Y-596 x Z-540mm Travel

XYZ 710 VMC (2008) X-710 x Y-450 x Z-500mm Travel

XYZ 1010 VMC (2009) X-1010 x Y-504 x Z-540mm Travel

XYZ 1060HS VMC (2012) X-1020 x Y-610 x Z-600mm Travel

XYZ 1020 VMC (2014) X-1020 x Y-520 x Z-575 mm Travel

Lehmann 4th Axis

We’ve also installed a state of the art 4th axis to boost our production capabilities . As with most purchases at Berry & Escott, we went for a high end model that is highly accurate. This unit can be fitted onto two machines with ease, to give us better flexibility.

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High-speed rotary thimble.



Close up of CNC machine processing.